Poet Donny Winter releases ”Feats of Alchemy” with a blast to raving reviews


In his second book after Carbon Footprint, Donny Winter tackles issues beyond the glitz of stepping out as an LGBTQ+poet, educator, and activist.

The sophomore collection of poems Feats of Alchemy takes readers on a perilous adventure through a futuristic and dystopian world. His experimental free verse poems use science fiction, natural, and pop-cultural images to metaphorically illustrate his experiences as a gay man navigating the different obstacles society presents after coming out.
These poems create a cyberpunk-inspired, symbolic world centered around the cyborg, Solus Arcane, who seeks to understand their existence free of oppressive forces and strives to unlearn the programming given to them by their oppressive creator.
Together, our bodies are welded and soldered by the forces of those seeking to silence, erase, or oppress. Feats of Alchemy acts as a circuit board connecting us with pathways toward self-sovereignty beyond artifice.
Listen in for a chance to win a signed copy of this fine collection of poems such as “This Closet is a Chrysalis.”


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