Author Virginia Johnson pens ”The Blood of Abigail” in the two-book series

 The Blood of Abigail is a story about a demon and ghost as the main couple, a perfectly mismatched pair. Both characters have troubled backstories and missing pieces of their souls that only the other can complete, according to one review.

Listen to this episode for a chance to win a signed copy by the author.

Aside from writing, Johnson owns and operates Anytime Author Promotions (AAP). AAP offers quality book graphic needs at a price and Indie author can afford.

Here is an excerpt from the book.

“Darkness welcomes me as I embrace the choices that I have made. With fire in my eyes and revenge having already condemned my soul, Salem has created a demon. Born from the ashes and convicted with no sin, I was forced to reign in the underworld while I waited for the right time to avenge my wrongful death. The cost was of no concern, until I met my match in a ghost, 300 years later. He had one job; collect the soul and release it to me. That’s it. Timothy carried his own past into the dark side. With conscience and a fondness for humans, I questioned his loyalty as I protected my secret.”




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