Podcast guests in May, June

Summer brings a variety of guests

By Emma Palova

I am pleased to announce the following guest lineup for my two favorite months May and June. The authors range from novices to experts. I like the representation of many genres that reflect the diversity of For the Love of Books Podcast show.

It is now made possible by sponsors Doc Chavent, The Lowell Ledger, and Modern History Press. I am always looking for new sponsors, so I can add more authors. We are deeply grateful for your sponsorship.

I was very pleased to have a special guest, Diana Duell of Muskegon, on the show. Duell supports Indie authors in a very unique way in that she buys all our books at art fairs and shows in West Michigan.

“I like supporting local businesses,” she said, “and writing is a craft.”

Also special in June will be Mark Loeb director of Integrity Shows talking about the Palmer Park Art Fair on June 4th & 5th in Detroit.

Listen in to these fine guests on http://emmapalova123.podbean or wherever you get your podcasts.

The featured photo is a letter from author Amy Klco’s student who won a series of her books. Listen in to the episodes for a chance to win a signed copy of your next favorite read.

Guest Schedule for May

Robin Marvel, Healing Childhood Trauma, May 10

Diana Duell, special guest, May 20

Andrew Allen Smith, Another Slice of Fear, May 26

Summer Porter, Maggie Chambers, A Mouse Tail on Mackinac Island, May 27

Guest Schedule for June

Jon Stott, Summers at the Cottage, June 2

Mark Loeb, Palmer Park Art Fair, June 3

Kris Gair, The Beautiful Moment, June 3

Nikki Mitchell, Nightshade Forest, June 10

Deborah Frontiera, Superior Tapestry, June 17

Victor Volkman, U.P. Reader, June 24

Mackenzie Flohr, Rite of Wands, July I

Reserve your spot today for August

If you would like to be a guest on the show email me in the comment section and fill out the podcast guestform.

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