NaNoWriMo Day 10

Likely the last 70-degree day this season, so I got right on it writing in two sessions: in the early morning session, I took a walking break to the Franciscans, then I wrote more for a total of 2,426 in the late morning session. I had to wrap it up after the second break at the Arrowhead Golf Course. My brain refused to function anymore. I stuffed myself with a nut mix and chocolates.

I drove back home through the orchards that always calm me down.

The story is on its way to the first big surprise nearing the top of the first climb on the roller coaster plotting method.

The word total since the challenge started on Nov. 1 is 22,570 words. I wish I could have written more, but the body and the mind are smarter than I am and stopped me.

Today, we’re stilling peaches from Mason Apple Orchards in Belding. Thank you, my friend, Lynn. This is the third stilling run of the season.

To be continued…

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