30 Day Bloggigng Challenge #3

Day #3, Nov. 19, Thursday

Thoughts on fear in the wake of Paris attacks

By Emma Palova

Lowell, MI- Experts say there are two great fears in this world. And they are interchangeable: the fear of dentists and the fear of public speaking. The fear of dentists translates to fear of pain, while the public speaking fear is about our image; how we look in front of others.

But, I know of a lot more. On top of the above mentioned fears, I have a fear of open heights and time. Not of aging, but of time when it’s displayed in front of me on a clock or on a calendar. That’s why I cannot wear watches or have alarm clocks.

I recently I found out that some people are afraid of technology.

I find that very interesting, that is the fear of technology. It should take us forward, but sometimes it seems like it’s taking us backwards like with the recent violence and evil in Paris.


Now, the government wants access to our phones in the name of security.I am starting to feel like in Nazi Germany that I know from movies and stories.

How much more freedom will we have to give up in the name of security and safety? How safe can we get when everybody wants to know the location of our phones or you don’t get access to different Internet services? And the terrorists are running loose all over the world.

Some people on Facebook are suggesting that we arm ourselves with AK47s known as Kalashnikovs.

I can picture this now. All of us walking with Kalashnikovs into the theaters, operas, work, churches and stores. Wow, that’s like in the Middle East and people still get blown up in coffee shops.

We’ve taken a huge step backwards and lowered ourselves to the level of terrorists, to their tactics and way of life. Paris and NYC look like war zones.

And basically all this is over religion. When did any religion start preaching violence?

Big business likes to use scare tactics and security pretense to keep us consuming.

“Keep them scared and they will keep consuming,” goes the saying.

Modern societies have to reject violence in all its forms immediately. No one can thrive in fear and under constant threat of not enough security. That’s exactly what the terrorists want for us to be scared.

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