30 Day Blogging Challenge #7

Feeling benefits of challenge

By Emma Palova

I am feeling physical and mental pain. My body is like on needles with pressure in the back of my head. The other pressure is inside my head. Here are some blogging stats.

With the challenge half way on, I reached a total of 310 posts on my WordPress blog EW Emma’s Writings over the last three years. The most favored post of the challenge seems to be Day #3 “Thoughts on fear in the wake of Paris attacks.”

Editorial calendar
Prague horloge on the Old Town Hall by “I love Czech Republic” group

However, I did manage to write post for Day #15 of the 30 Day Content Challenge by Learn to Blog “On the art of interviewing.”

Maybe that’s why I have that pressure inside my head. Now, I am playing catch up for Days #7#8#10#11 and #12. I just wanted to let go of those missed days, but then I read a post by Pittsburgh Grammy that she is catching up and today is the day to do it. I too want to reach a total of 30 daily posts. Thank you for inspiring me.

More about feelings of a writer and an artist.

Sometimes, I just plain feel numb, listless and drained. On other days I am overwhelmed by ideas, and I have to sort through them. I categorize them and organize them in my head. I don’t know if it depends on the weather, on how I slept or didn’t sleep or what I eat.

Experts and psychologists say writing is therapeutic when it’s not under pressure and when you write for yourself. Blog can serve as an electronic diary and for most of us it is an e-diary. You can freely express yourself without any censorship. You might be the only person reading your own post, but it’s still satisfying. The bonus is if others are reading as well, that is if they know about you.

The challenge bumped up my readership and following greatly to 612, and it increased the following on Facebook and twitter. Plus I wrote a Children’s Book for Josephine. I will keep adding pages to it sort of like posting.

I am very happy so far with the results writing this halfway through the challenge.

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