30 Day Blogging Challenge #10

Nov. 26 Thanksgiving Thursday spent with the family in Hastings


By Emma Palova

I am thankful for the country I live in. I became a naturalized American in 1999 along with my daughter Emma Palova-Chavent at the Gerald Ford museum in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

I received so many congratulations and the Ionia Sentinel-Standard did a story on me. Kara Hennigan wrote the story. That made me both; the writer of stories and the subject of some of them.

I was born in former Czechoslovakia and I studied engineering at the Technical University of Brno by default and by punishment. We left the country illegally in 1968 just before the Soviet invasion. I wasn’t allowed to study any humanities.

Mom Eliska wanted to go back in 1973. We returned to the homeland and we were punished for doing so.

That is what my memoir “Greenwich Meridian” © is about.

On a writer's retreat in Venice, Florida
On a writer’s retreat in Venice, Florida

The book is about our journey back and forth across the Greenwich Meridian.

We left the country again; dad Vaclav in 1976, mom Eliska in 1980 and I left in 1989 after the Velvet Revolution. My husband Ludek left the Czech homeland in 1988 for Austria.


It’s been a turmoil. When I interviewed my own parents two years ago during a writer’s retreat in Venice, Florida they both said they would never do it again.

“It doesn’t matter anymore because everyone back home is dead,” Vaclav said.

True, our most recent trips to Czech were for the purpose of attending funerals.

However, we all started a new life in the USA. It is a life of accomplishment, satisfaction and love.

Our son Jake has a beautiful family and he is very successful with the Faygo company. He studied at Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo. Our daughter Emma lives in France with her family. Both her husband Adrien and Emma are medical doctors.

I learned to blog on WordPress, the biggest publishing platform in this world.

I consider myself privileged.


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