30 Day Blogging Challenge #11

Lighting of candles without the candle burning down, Buddha

By Emma Palova

I share happiness and the great human experience through my writing. Sometimes it’s sad, at other times it’s happy. That is life.

Art has always helped me get through difficult times. When I am upset, I turn to art; my own and others.

When my husband Ludek had to leave for a job in Wisconsin, I turned to painting.  I painted pictures of koi fish in our pond up there in the garden.

Kathleen Mooney, abstract artist
Kathleen Mooney, abstract artist


Most often poetry does the trick. Nicole Varga’s poetry has calmed me down after the upsetting shooting on Dec. 2 at San Bernardino, California.

 I also love poetry by the Rumanian poet Valeriu dg Barbu and Emily Dickinson as well as Charles Baudelaire.

There is something calming about art and poetry. Throughout my journalistic career, I met many artists, but one really stands out in my mind. Her name is Kathleen Mooney. She owned a gallery in Lowell. Mooney is a member of the International Society of Experimental Artists (ISEA).

After traditional painting, she turned to abstracts.

When I asked her which is more difficult, Mooney answered immediately:


“What inspires you?”


Yes, Mooney finds inspiration in symbols and in words.

I personally think that is incredible. Somehow, all the arts are integrated into one big sphere.


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