Election 2016 unleashes the force of democracy

Election 2016  attracts voters in droves, creates tension

By Emma Palova

EW Emma’s Writings

Grand Rapids, MI – Voting in small towns of America, and everywhere else, matters.

I voted today at 11 a.m. in precinct 1 at the Vergennes Township Hall in Kent County. There were no parking spaces left, and there was a steady stream of voters.

I was voter no. 471 in what the media dub as an “unprecedented & unpredictable” election.

Both candidates Mr. Donald Trump and Mrs. Hillary Clinton stumped heavily in Michigan, which is traditionally a blue state.

Hillary (2)


Clinton spoke at a rally of 4,000 people at the Grand Valley State University (GVSU) on Nov.7th.

Trump held his final rally on election eve at DeVos Place in Grand Rapids, Michigan. There was a massive crowd for the event estimated at 10,000. People lined up on the bridge over the Grand River to get into the hall carrying their coolers packed with food.

donald (2)

Political pundits are calling Election 2016, a consequential election.

“This election is between division and strong leadership, the opposition is a loose cannon,” said spokesperson for Clinton’s campaign “Stronger Together.”

Trump called himself an agent of change at the Grand Rapids rally last night.

“Today is our Independence Day,” he said. “My only special interest is to you.”

What some call an insurgent candidacy, Trump made 14 campaign stops in 72 hours.

“Will this be an end to the insurgence by Trump and will Hillary be able to shatter that glass ceiling,” political analysts asked these questions.

I’ve been voting since I became an American citizen through the naturalization process at the Grand Rapids Ford Museum in 1999, along with my daughter Emma Palova Chavent, MD.

But, I’ve never been nervous about it until the eve of the election and today. Actually the anxiety sank in last week, after reading through hundreds of election-related Facebook posts.

I even received texts from my Czech friends asking about the integrity of the election.

“The Czech media favor Hillary,” wrote Ales Kobylik. “They keep this inflated bubble that there is no way that Donald Trump could win. In all respect what do you think?”

And my Czech- Canadian friend D.P. even bought a small TV, so she could follow the candidates’ campaigns and the election in the USA. That’s a big honor of our election system because D.P. does not watch TV.

“I bought that TV because of you,” she laughed.

“Really, you are that interested in our election?” I said uneasily.

“Sure, because Trump might close the borders,” D.P. said.

And now we have it all laid out in front of us after months of campaigning, rhetoric and derogatory language from both sides, the GOP and the Dems.

At one point, as the campaigning progressed throughout the summer and fall, I arrived to a fleeing conclusion that I wasn’t going to vote.

From a moral and character stand point of view, I don’t believe in either one of the candidates, Mrs. Hillary Clinton or Mr. Donald Trump.

They both have proven that they are unfit to lead this country. Mrs. Clinton’s past as the First Lady and as the Secretary, as well as having the private server and the 33,000 erased emails speak for themselves.

As for Mr. Trump, if his present roughness is any indicator of his potential future leadership skills, then the country would get the “perfect” dictator.

“Stalin or Ceausescu?” you ask.

“Take your pick, they were all the same,” I answer. “And they never quit.”

Mr. Trump would first get away with our democracy, waving his hand:

“What a nuisance,” he would say.

Much like the Mexican illegal immigrants, or any other ones for that matter.

Bouncing back to Mrs. Hillary through the eyes of my friend Sheryl G. from Iowa who posted this:

“As you go to the polls this Tuesday, do your due diligence and your homework,” she wrote.” Hillary Clinton is the first and only First Lady to come under criminal investigation while serving as First Lady. Washington and Jefferson must be rolling over in their graves.”

However, to answer Ales’ question about Mr. Trump having a chance.

In spite of the polls and other opinions, both candidates may stand very well the same chance.

But, the real horror is regardless who becomes the 45th president:

“Is this the beginning of an end of an empire?”

“Look back over the past with its changing empires that rose and fell, and you can foresee the future too.”

                                      -Marcus Aurelius

Copyright (c) 2016. Emma Blogs, LLC.  All rights reserved.


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