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Dissent after election 2016

Election 2016 is the biggest political upset in generations

By Emma Palova

EW Emma’s Writings

Grand Rapids, MI- I am no stranger to dissent. I participated in the demonstrations leading up to the Velvet Revolution in former Czechoslovakia in November of 1989.

The historic protest was against the dictatorship of the Communist Party, its leaders in the Czechoslovak government and their hardline policies instituted after Prague Spring in 1968.

This is my story.
This is my story.

The demonstrations culminated on Nov. 17, 1989 when students and actors took to the streets of Prague, followed by 10 days of chaos. Those 10 days in the  history of Czechoslovakia led both countries, Czech and Slovak republics to freedom.

Flabbergasted,  I watched the demonstrations in downtown Grand Rapids last night. Just four days ago on election eve, hundreds lined up on the bridge crossing the Grand River for Mr. Donald Trump’s last rally of the 2016 presidential campaign.

“This is our Independence Day,” he said to the crowd on Monday, Nov. 7th at 11 p.m.

Rural small town America
Rural America helps President-Elect Donald Trump to victory.

On Thursday night, hundreds of unhappy people took to the streets waving signs that read: “Trump is not my president.”

“Why are they protesting?” asked the TV anchor.

“We want to show other people that they are not alone,” said a protester in the streets.

“Alone in what?” asked the reporter.

“That Trump is not our president,” the guy said. “My vote didn’t count.”

The guy was referring to the fact that Presiden-Elect Trump won the electoral vote, but not the popular vote.

In other cities in the USA and Canada, the demonstrations mostly in front of Mr. Trump’s properties, turned into riots accompanied by violence.

President-Elect Donald Trump.
President-Elect Donald Trump.

Facebook has always been a good gauge of public sentiment. On election day, 700 million posts were election related.

“I didn’t go and protest when my candidate wasn’t elected,” posted G. E. “And I didn’t even vote for Trump or Hillary.”

In 2000 when Democratic presidential candidate Al Gore got the popular vote, but not the electoral vote and George W. Bush won the election, I didn’t go and protest.

Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton during a rally.
Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton during a rally.

I accepted the results of the democratic election process including the electoral college that propelled Mr. Bush into the White House. I don’t remember other disappointed people protesting either.

Actually W. was the only sitting American president whom I saw in Chicago at the Saint Pat’s parade after the 911 horror. I was happy to see the president of the USA. I didn’t care that he was a GOP president, that it was brisk and cold, and you had to go through security or that W. walked only a few hundred feet.

I never lost that respect to the office of the President of the USA., no matter who holds it.

In an interview with the founders of Americas Community Voices Network (ACVN) Donald & Ronald Brookins of Tampa, FL I asked the question:

“How will you accept the results either way whether your candidate wins or loses?”

“I will respond in the same way,” Donald said, “God bless our new President and God bless the United States of America.”

““The winner will be my President and the leader of the free world,” Ronald said.

The polls had major influence on the decision making of most voters.

“What kind of an impact did the polls make on your decision?”
“The polls created a sense of urgency that it was critical to vote and to encourage others to vote,” Ronald said.
“The polls allowed me to decide who was winning the election, “Donald  said. “They are a good indicator of possible results.”
In the end, it was the huge turnout in the rustic belt of America and rural voters, who felt  the current administration was ignoring them.
Previous GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney did not get the same numbers that Mr. Trump did in the rustic belt states known as the firewall.
“He’s the people’s man,” said a woman in a small community in Pennsylvania.
I had the same feeling, as we drove back home from the Gerald Ford International Airport in Grand Rapids through the rural communities on Tuesday evening. Voters were streaming into the Lowell Township Hall, into churches and the city halls., all bundled up and sporting patriotic colors and jackets.
This was the people’s election. It was the voice of change from  the obsolete Washington self-serving  bureaucracy, its institutions and non-functioning apparatus.
The people have spoken. They boldly stood up to the lies of the establishment.
Let freedom ring in our great country.
For more info on ACVN go to http://www.americascommunityvoicesnet.org

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Madame Secretary

Hillary Clinton concedes race to President-Elect Donald Trump on Wednesday

By Donald Brookins, ACVN co-founder

Election special for Emma Blogs, LLC

Tampa, FL-The results are in for the 2016 Presidential Election. Donald J Trump is our new President- Elect. He defeated Secretary Clinton in the Electoral College but lost the popular vote.  Looking back on the Clinton campaign Hillary lost this election the moment she made the reckless decision to create a private server for her emails when she knew it was against State Department guidelines. What is even more unforgivable to me is she tried to be slick about it once it was discovered via Congressional investigation.

Secretary Clinton’s actions only confirmed what a majority of the American electorate thought about her as a candidate. The electorate believed her to be a liar, a crook, and a Washington insider.  All of these perceptions were confirmed by her actions involving her email server. Secretary Clinton never took responsibility for her behavior or her actions. She never apologized. She deflected when asked to say it was wrong to have a separate server by saying “she would never do that again.”

President – Elect Trump seized upon her bad behavior and used it as a weapon and rallying cry to predominately uneducated white blue-collar voters to win the election.  Trump ran as a Populist outsider. I am deeply sad because Hillary Rodham Clinton was more prepared and more capable to be our next President than any other candidate. She just had too much baggage; she made the mistake of arming Trump with a powerful weapon when all she had to do was disarm him by getting in front of the issue the moment she decided to run for President. I believe if she had apologized to the American People and took responsibility for her actions, she would have been elected the 45th President of the United States.

It is crystal clear to me that the party of Reagan is no more; Obamacare is dead, the Obama coalition that won the 2008 and 2012 elections has been severely damaged; and that Donald Trump has made legitimate all of the seedy elements of white Nationalism.

The 2016 contest is over and the PEOPLE have spoken. My candidate did not win. But in a democracy when all the votes have been counted we accept the results and come together to support our new President.  So in the spirit of unity with respect to our beloved constitution – God Bless our new President Donald J Trump and God Bless the United States of America.

For more info and radio episodes go to: Americas Community Voices Network at http://www.americascommunityvoicesnet.org

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Election 2016 unleashes the force of democracy

Election 2016  attracts voters in droves, creates tension

By Emma Palova

EW Emma’s Writings

Grand Rapids, MI – Voting in small towns of America, and everywhere else, matters.

I voted today at 11 a.m. in precinct 1 at the Vergennes Township Hall in Kent County. There were no parking spaces left, and there was a steady stream of voters.

I was voter no. 471 in what the media dub as an “unprecedented & unpredictable” election.

Both candidates Mr. Donald Trump and Mrs. Hillary Clinton stumped heavily in Michigan, which is traditionally a blue state.

Hillary (2)


Clinton spoke at a rally of 4,000 people at the Grand Valley State University (GVSU) on Nov.7th.

Trump held his final rally on election eve at DeVos Place in Grand Rapids, Michigan. There was a massive crowd for the event estimated at 10,000. People lined up on the bridge over the Grand River to get into the hall carrying their coolers packed with food.

donald (2)

Political pundits are calling Election 2016, a consequential election.

“This election is between division and strong leadership, the opposition is a loose cannon,” said spokesperson for Clinton’s campaign “Stronger Together.”

Trump called himself an agent of change at the Grand Rapids rally last night.

“Today is our Independence Day,” he said. “My only special interest is to you.”

What some call an insurgent candidacy, Trump made 14 campaign stops in 72 hours.

“Will this be an end to the insurgence by Trump and will Hillary be able to shatter that glass ceiling,” political analysts asked these questions.

I’ve been voting since I became an American citizen through the naturalization process at the Grand Rapids Ford Museum in 1999, along with my daughter Emma Palova Chavent, MD.

But, I’ve never been nervous about it until the eve of the election and today. Actually the anxiety sank in last week, after reading through hundreds of election-related Facebook posts.

I even received texts from my Czech friends asking about the integrity of the election.

“The Czech media favor Hillary,” wrote Ales Kobylik. “They keep this inflated bubble that there is no way that Donald Trump could win. In all respect what do you think?”

And my Czech- Canadian friend D.P. even bought a small TV, so she could follow the candidates’ campaigns and the election in the USA. That’s a big honor of our election system because D.P. does not watch TV.

“I bought that TV because of you,” she laughed.

“Really, you are that interested in our election?” I said uneasily.

“Sure, because Trump might close the borders,” D.P. said.

And now we have it all laid out in front of us after months of campaigning, rhetoric and derogatory language from both sides, the GOP and the Dems.

At one point, as the campaigning progressed throughout the summer and fall, I arrived to a fleeing conclusion that I wasn’t going to vote.

From a moral and character stand point of view, I don’t believe in either one of the candidates, Mrs. Hillary Clinton or Mr. Donald Trump.

They both have proven that they are unfit to lead this country. Mrs. Clinton’s past as the First Lady and as the Secretary, as well as having the private server and the 33,000 erased emails speak for themselves.

As for Mr. Trump, if his present roughness is any indicator of his potential future leadership skills, then the country would get the “perfect” dictator.

“Stalin or Ceausescu?” you ask.

“Take your pick, they were all the same,” I answer. “And they never quit.”

Mr. Trump would first get away with our democracy, waving his hand:

“What a nuisance,” he would say.

Much like the Mexican illegal immigrants, or any other ones for that matter.

Bouncing back to Mrs. Hillary through the eyes of my friend Sheryl G. from Iowa who posted this:

“As you go to the polls this Tuesday, do your due diligence and your homework,” she wrote.” Hillary Clinton is the first and only First Lady to come under criminal investigation while serving as First Lady. Washington and Jefferson must be rolling over in their graves.”

However, to answer Ales’ question about Mr. Trump having a chance.

In spite of the polls and other opinions, both candidates may stand very well the same chance.

But, the real horror is regardless who becomes the 45th president:

“Is this the beginning of an end of an empire?”

“Look back over the past with its changing empires that rose and fell, and you can foresee the future too.”

                                      -Marcus Aurelius

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