Being Faustina

Fuel and finish your writing projects  plus excerpt from “Being Faustina”


By Emma Palova

Lowell, MI-  Like most writers, I struggle to finish my writing projects.  They seem insurmountable as I stare into the blank screen with the blinking cursor in front of me. Procrastination is my best and worst friend.

Yesterday, I found out about the National Novel Writing Month (NANoWriMo) creative project. Without checking too many details, I knew it would be a great tool to finish my  “writings.” So, I set up an easy account with a book title and a book cover.  My title is “Secrets.” (c) 2018 Emma Palova.


Right from the get go, the goal is to write 50,000 words by November 30 in any genre. When I am in the writing mode, regardless whether fiction or non-fiction, I write on average seven plus pages.

I find the accountability of the project very motivating with goal and word trackers.

I had to  dig deep into my writer’s toolbox for inspiration, even though  NaNoWriMo has inspiration tools as well. I like to rely on my own experience.

“Get out of the office and look for a story,” said former publisher and editor Alan long time ago. “Don’t wait for a story to walk in here, because it won’t.”

This morning, I got out of my comfort zone (studio) and drove to St. Pat’s for All Souls Day mass.  And the inspiration came from a kid, who said his favorite saint was Saint Faustina. All Saints Day was yesterday.

After taking photos of the Celtic cross at the cemetery I drove home and penned second story in the book “Secrets”-  Being Faustina.

I logged in 1,820 words.

For more info about  #nanowrimo go to :

Here is an excerpt:

Being Faustina

Faustina entered the church cautiously. She always did. But, today more than ever, she watched around her for souls who haven’t passed to the other side. In layman’s terms those were ghosts.

She made sure to sit in the second pew on the left side of the nave facing the shrine made of photographs of the dead. As she knelt, Faustina realized she forgot to sign the Book of the Dead placed by the entrance. It was big leather-bound book with hundreds of signatures.

The Book of the Dead was annually on display during the month of November; wide open for more signatures. It was chilly in the church, and Faustina shivered. She did not know if it was from the cold or from her eternal sorrow.

On this day only, she still wore black: a black dress with a black slip under and black undies and a bra, black pantyhose, black shoes, black shawl, black coat and a black hat. Faustina purchased the complete black attire 14 years ago when she found out Willy was going to die.

By then, she was ready. Together they went through the roller coaster of high hopes of healing and lows of despair. The highs became just as exasperating as the lows. In the final days of Willy’s life, the doctor team gave him one month to live a life free of pain numbed by morphine and Oxycontin opioids.

When Willy finally ceased to be in pain, he was so high that at times he didn’t recognize Faustina, the love of his life. They were high school sweethearts who met at a Valentine’s dance.






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