day 34: A different day in the COVID-19 quarantine

Since we all have to live on in the COVID-19 quarantine, this Sunday’s report will be a little different than most. But first comes my own tally of six televised masses from the empty St. Andrew’s Cathedral in Grand Rapids. The eerie feeling of seeing the empty pews just refuses to go away.

And my cucumber seedlings are growing like crazy. I think I will have the first cucumbers grown in the sunroom rather than in the little veggie patch. We saw sun today after days of clouds. Yay, we’re moving on even in the coronavirus quarantine.

I am delighted to share this story about a one-room schoolhouse teacher, Addie Abel. It comes from our sister blog:

Lowell Life Oral History project

One-room schoolhouse in Fallasburg.

Today, the podcast features a great lady- a former one-room schoolhouse teacher at the Fallasburg school, Addie Abel of Lowell.

Fallasburg Historical Society board member Addie Abel with her friend Dorothy Blain.

Listen in this evening at 8 p.m. on the Showboat Radio. Click on the link below.

The featured photo is the one-room schoolhouse in the Fallasburg pioneer village . Plan your visit today.

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