This week’s guest: Brenda Hasse

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This week I’m delighted to hostBrenda Hasse, a multi-award-winning author and freelance writer. Brenda has written and published award-winning young adult historical romance, pre-teen historical mystery, and adult metaphysical/visionary novels. She is also the author of several picture books for children. Brenda volunteers her time researching and writing scripts for the Fenton Village Players to perform during the Ghost Walk and Historical Cemetery Walk. She resides in Fenton, Michigan, with her husband and cats.

I spoke with Brenda about her new release,The Cursed Witch.

DL:Congratulations on your new book! We’re anxious to hear what it’s about.

BH:The Cursed Witchis a romantic suspense novel based on Anna Stewart. Here’s the synopsis:

Edinburgh, Scotland, 1828—Born the seventh daughter of the seventh daughter, Anna Stewart is cursed as a witch. Shunned by society, she is blamed for her family’s misfortunes. The night before Samhain, Anna, now…

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