Romance author Melinda Clark pens ”Love and Bloodlust: The Sacred Objects”

Inspired by dreams & paranormal experiences, romance author Melinda Clark spins tales of love and lust for blood with biblical undertones, action, and happily ever after endings.

The protagonist Avery Langdon is a self-taught demon hunter with a vendetta.

Talon is a 300-year-old, blood-bag-drinking vampire with a fascination for her, and clearly death itself, as he persists in following the slayer on every hunt and pestering her with his advances.

Despite their differences, and regardless of Avery nearly putting a stake in his heart, the two will find themselves joining forces to try and stop an ancient evil from awakening and wreaking havoc: the first vampire, Cain.

Avery is adamant, despite Talon’s pursuit of her, that this collaboration remains geared toward accomplishing the greater good only. 

Listen to the episode for a chance to win a signed copy of “The Sacred Objects.”


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