Easter episodes coming soon, updated interview with author Mikel Classen

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This is an updated episode with author Mikel Classen with sound editing by author Erik Bean aka prof. Bean.

Stay tuned for the upcoming Easter episodes with Christian authors Elizabeth Fust “The Hungry Kitten’s Tale” and Lowell’s author Amanda Filkins “Be Still: God’s Grace is Bigger Than Worldly Deceit.”


Digging deep into the past, U.P. author & historian Mikel Classen uncovers hidden stories in his newest release “True Tales- The Forgotten History of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.”

Stories of piracy, lost gold mines, the origin of the Copper Boom, profiles of people of note, Starvation on Isle Royale, and one of the darkest periods of Michigan history, are all True Tales of the early days of the Upper Peninsula Frontier.

“Some subjects I’ve researched over the years as a journalist,” Classen said. “It’s been several years in the making.”

The tales are broken up into moments in U.P. history like Chapter 15- “Peter White: The Founding of Marquette” or the story about a native American woman marooned on Isle Royale with her husband facing starvation.

One story, in particular, captured Classen’s inquisitive mind and set him off on a wild chase across the rugged northern peninsula hunting down the truth to rectify myths. During his research, Classen visited the historical societies in 16 towns.

“The local communities and historians sometimes intentionally buried the stories,” Classen said.

In seven towns, he was able to confirm the unimaginable.

“I was shocked,” he said. “Some things you find out can creep you out.”

Find out what it was by listening to this intriguing episode with a true U.P. expert for a chance to win a signed copy of Classen’s “True Tales.”

Sound editing by author Erik Bean.

Copyright (c) 2022. Emma Blogs, LLC. All rights reserved.


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