All Souls Day

“Her DNA, heart and soul are in every square inch of the trail system that we all enjoy.”


The second sunny day in a row in the high 60s in November in Michigan. I logged in 1,862 words with NaNoWriMo. After writing I hit the trail and met the patrol guy, who has been patrolling this beauty for the last 12 years.

The Book of the Dead (Omega) was open today at St. Pat’s Church along with the list of the dead in 2022 for signing.

On the trail remembering Betsy Davidson

Also remember a soul who left us on Sept. 5, 2022. I’ve done several stories with Betsy Davidson about the Fred Meijer Flat River Trail for Ledger’s Behind the Scenes feature series. An astute businesswoman and a community leader in Lowell, Betsy was always fun and light-hearted.

She was honored that the Ledger featured her.

May you rest in peace, my dear friend.

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