Day 3 NaNoWriMo 50k challenge

Roller coaster plotting method

It’s day three of National Novel Writing Month and the temperatures steadily hold in the upper 60s, even reaching 71 in the afternoon in West Michigan.

I wrote happily this morning 1,708 words not banking any extras for rainy days aka holidays. I have introduced the inciting incident into the story which made my heart beat faster.

Inciting incident

Exactly as depicted in the roller coaster plotting method. With sweaty palms and a racing heart, I stopped before the steep climb and went for a walk to alleviate the pressure of excitement.

There is something about the roller coaster plotting method that keeps you on the edge, just like on the real ride. You hold your breath and wait for what happens next.

Last year I used the beat sheet method. But I’ve learned both from my podcast author guests and from meditations that change pushes you forward. It was the jerk I needed as I reverted back to my most productive time, morning writing, and afternoon reporting.

I inserted a long break in between so it doesn’t feel like I am working all the time. The afternoon visit to the Lowell Arts Gallery was a sheer pleasure. Janet Teunis made it easy. I felt like back at home with the other artists setting up.

The sun is setting now so I should head back.

More tomorrow.

Long road ahead.

November reruns of spring and summer episodes of For the Love of Books Podcast

Nov. 3 Nikki Mitchell , Nightshade Forest

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