Day 1 NaNoWriMo

It’s Tuesday, November 1st in Michigan. My dashboard is showing 64F.

I attended All Saints Day mass at St. Patrick’s in Parnell at 7 a.m. The general store across the street wasn’t even open yet.

But I managed to run into an old friend who was already grumpy.

“Nothing has happened yet,” I said. “You can’t be grumpy.”

“Yes, it has,” he said. “I woke up.”

This was the first day of National Novel Writing Month aka NaNoWriMo 50k word challenge. I logged in 1,777 words because I like the number plus it was 100 words more than the required 1,667 daily log-in word count.

For the first time ever, I ate my lunch on the porch in the November sun in West Michigan after I got done writing. I will savor that forever.

The lovely day ushered in a mix of emotions that a new project always carries. I even managed to walk the trail listening to the creek. The creek was bubbling its song undaunted by the fall. I threw a few rocks to listen to the sound of the rock entering the water, and measured the depth by the hollow sound.

Our fifth grandchild Henrik celebrated his first birthday today. I remember last year’s tension about the unknown of NaNo and the new grandbaby. Nothing has changed, the tension is the same.

Some guys are showing off water skiing in November in Michigan. Heck yes, that’s cool.

You rock. Happy birthday, Henrik. Love always.

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