NaNoWriMo Day 5

The wind picked up in the afternoon blowing leaves and sweeping my gardens, so I skipped the daily walk..

I am definitely a morning writer through and through no question about it. Whatever I don’t get done by 1 p.m. doesn’t get done. Even the characters in my stories know that. They stop cooperating.

I logged in 2,063 words and I am sending the protagonists off into the unknown, not without a fight, both in the story and real worlds.

Now stilling pears

Our son Jake with his family came over to work in our Moravian Sons Distillery. This is our second production season. First, Jake and Ludek had to unload the non-pasteurized apple cider from Hill Bros Cider Mill in Sparta, our major supplier. It was a total of 450 gallons of sweet and tart apple cider that will turn into hard cider.

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Back to my writing marathon as the uphill roller coaster climb continues. I decided to stick with the roller coaster plotting method for now.

Each day of NaNoWriMo is completely different.

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