November Sun shines on NaNoWriMo Day 6

It was sunny, in the 60s in November in West Michigan. Unbelievable. I logged in 2, 073 words and moved the story further up the first climb on the roller coaster. We chugged upwards looking for the arch nemeses. We haven’t found them yet. They’re lurking somewhere

The gospel was about Jesus’ major nemeses, the Sadducees. Interesting tricksters they were. Enough to inspire me.

After the morning stretch of NaNo writing, I switched hats to get some bisulphate and cuvet yeast for the apple cider that we hauled in on Friday from our supplier Hill Bros in Sparta.

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Mission accomplished. I grabbed my newspaper hat and wrote about Milo’s Kids Consignment & Boutique.

On my way back home, I caught the moon rising. Of course there’s no time for TV. I like it that way.

Good night.

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