At a loss

Blogging 201, assignment Day 7, create an event

By Emma Palova

EW Emma’s Writings

Lowell, MI -I must say I am at a loss with today’s blogging assignment #7 to create an event, whether virtual or real.

I’ve been thinking about WordPress Camps for some time. But, I live in the Midwest, and other than Chicago, I can’t seem to find a hub for bloggers.

Come on fellow bloggers step up. Where are you?

Looking for ideas
A dam in Czech Republic to me resembles a surge of ideas.

I know I can create an event with a long stretch of imagination. I am inclining towards a virtual blogging event, maybe a weekly or biweekly discussion on a theme that will attract attention and not disputes and complaints.

I have some friends around here who are on Goodreads. That’s it. Of course I haven’t searched high and low either.

I tried the Coffee Cake Internet Discussions page on my EW Emma’s Writings and I did not get a lot of response. But, I wasn’t advertising or marketing it either,  and as a new blogger I didn’t have that much time.

All of the above seem like excuses for not creating an event. This is my goal. After the virtual event weekly or biweekly depending on interest, I would like to create a “reality blogging” event in a manageable dimension. That is with or without an avocado dip, on the couch or at Ella’s Coffee & Cuisine with or without the Kardashians.

Any ideas on either the format of the event or the subject?


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