Kindle giveaways

Watch for Kindle giveaways of my books in the Shifting Sands series: Short Stories and the new book 2 Secrets.

If you could write a review of the book on Amazon, that would be great. Pm Emma on Facebook messenger for pdfs.

Post reviews on customer reviews on Amazon:

Here is a link to reviews:

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One thought on “Kindle giveaways”

  1. Reblogged this on Edition Emma Publishing and commented:

    Amazon kindle giveaway of my debut book “Shifting Sands: Short Stories” starts tomorrow and ends March 8. If you could write a review on Amazon, that would be greatly appreciated.
    I am also looking for beta readers for my upcoming book “Shifting Sands: Secrets’ slated for spring publication.
    Thanks to all who have downloaded my debut book.


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