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Happy Thanksgiving to all our listeners

Author- photographer portrays Detroit’s hidden gems, obscure sites For the Love of Books Podcast

In her Detroit Revealed: A Different View of the Motor City, author-photographer Leslie Cieplechowicz highlights the obscure and amazing hidden gems of the city which is sometimes portrayed as unapproachable. The imagery highlights places only seen by local people who have created a rich culture and scenery that is veiled from the public eye. "I wanted to share my view of the city," she said. Cieplechowicz worked as an EMS paramedic for the Detroit Fire Department. She returned to the sites of former EMS encounters to capture the images, all 4,000 of them. 150 best pictures made it into the book. "I captured the heart of the city and the people," she said. "I put a positive spin on a city that gets a negative reputation." The book serves as a city guide for both locals and visitors with its stunning imagery, history of the sites, and addresses. "You can visit all the places," she said. Walk along the radiant blue riverfront of the Detroit River and view the beautiful structures glittering in the sunlight. Hang out at the hole-in-the-wall local bar and absorb the glow from the antique fixture that bathes the vintage decor in a warm light. Head to the streets in a snowstorm, and peer through a broken window down Jefferson Avenue at a city shrouded in swirling white flakes. Or check out an old, dimly lit industrial center that has been turned into an enclave for local singers and artists to hone their talent, whose studios are a splash of faded records, flashing neon lights, and vibrant flags.   Listen in for a chance to win a signed copy of this book.   Sponsored by Doc Chavent and The Lowell Ledger                  
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Authors Row at the Ann Arbor Holiday Art Fair set for Dec. 4th & 5th


Forty Michigan authors will be located at the Authors Row at the Ann Arbor Holiday Art Fair on Dec. 4th & 5th with readings scheduled for Saturday and Sunday during the show. Children’s authors will be reading on the hour.

Integrity Shows director Mark Loeb shared marketing strategies for authors at events. Authors of different genres now have a common space to offer a variety of books.

“We focus on the business aspect for creatives.  We’ve been taught how to write, how to draw, or other artistic skills, but few of us have had education on how to sell our creative products,” he said.