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Authors’ Alley at Lakeshore Art Festival in Muskegon set for June 25th and 26th For the Love of Books Podcast

Authors' Alley at the Lakeshore Art Festival (LAF) in downtown Muskegon, set for this weekend, will feature 21 authors representing different genres from mystery, sci-fi, fantasy, and children's books to horror and true stories. "We get to interact with people," said author Ingar Rudholm. "You can ask as many questions as you want. We will be able to direct you to whatever genre you're looking for." "If you can smell the food, you found us," said author Jean Davis. "We're a giant bookstore with authors." Some of the benefits of visiting Authors' Alley include getting a signed book unlike from Amazon plus learning the full back story behind the book directly from the author. Participating authors will be located in booths along Clay Street across from Hackley Park next to food vendors. Following is a full list of authors. Andrew Smith  Bill Jacobks & Lon Hieftje  Emma Khoury & Ingar Rudhom Diane Burton & Jean Davis  G.S. Scott  & Melinda Clark  Wendy Thomson  & Melanie Hooyenga Norma Lewis  & Jules Nelson Loraine Hudson & Randy Pearson Emma Palova   & Judy Burke Mike Carrier   Mikel Classen Gary Buettner  & Mark Love   Bring plenty of water and ice, advised both Davis and Rudholm. "It's a great networking opportunity," said Rudholm.   Episode sponsored by Doc Chavent and The Lowell Ledger  
  1. Authors’ Alley at Lakeshore Art Festival in Muskegon set for June 25th and 26th
  2. Author Nikki Mitchell pens Nighshade Forest
  3. Author Deborah Frontiera pens Superior Tapestry
  4. Author Kristoffer Gair pens The Beautiful Moment
  5. Authors’ Tent at Palmer Park Art Fair in Detroit presents variety of genres on June 4 & 5

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Authors Row at the Ann Arbor Holiday Art Fair set for Dec. 4th & 5th


Forty Michigan authors will be located at the Authors Row at the Ann Arbor Holiday Art Fair on Dec. 4th & 5th with readings scheduled for Saturday and Sunday during the show. Children’s authors will be reading on the hour.

Integrity Shows director Mark Loeb shared marketing strategies for authors at events. Authors of different genres now have a common space to offer a variety of books.

“We focus on the business aspect for creatives.  We’ve been taught how to write, how to draw, or other artistic skills, but few of us have had education on how to sell our creative products,” he said.