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Calendar names fit personalities

Name day cards in Czech Repub;ic.
Name day cards in Czech Repub;ic.

Find your name a perfect fit to personality

By Emma Palova

EW Emma’s Writings

Lowell, MI- Most European countries have calendars with a name attributed to each day of the year. These are known as name or feast days. Even though some of them originate with the saints, or in the testaments, their secular counterparts are much more prevalent.

They are more like stars in the sky and their constellations.

Most recently with our EW writing team, we found out that each name carries certain characteristics depending on the zodiac sign of the birth date, and even on the last name. The astrologist in “Soul’s Touches” advises parents to do research before giving a certain name.

“Some names I wouldn’t recommend at all,” writes the astrologist.

Name days  in the Czech calendar.
Name days are listed in the Czech calendar.

Only a few names carry strong personality traits in all the zodiac signs, others do poorly. Some names are so bad, that the astrologist advises to go and have them changed at the birth registry office.

Naturally, I write about the personalities behind some names in the family in my memoir “Greenwich Meridian.” © copyright Emma Palova.

I actually know a lot of people, who hated their names so much, that they just prefer to be called someone else. My artist friend originally named Karen is now Casey. My mother Eliska uses the name Ella.

Here are a few examples of names with their personality traits. Let’s start with my mom, Eliska. The name day is on Oct. 5th.

Eliska is an old-fashioned name used in many European countries. Famous composer Ludwig van Beethoven used the German version of the name in his symphony bagatelle “For Elise.”

Editorial calendar
Prague horloge on the Old Town Hall by
“I love Czech Republic” group

The traits for Eliska according to Soul’s Touches: She loves to communicate, but she is very sensitive and longing for parental love.  Eliska has common traits like Edita. They’re both very efficient, true women. They get their men where they want them to be.

Other traits for Eliska and Edita: inquisitive, eager to learn, happy, sometimes wild and very protective of their nests with the little ones.

The astrologist recommends the name for all zodiac signs.

My own name Emma with the name day falling on April 8th carries with it emotional problems because of the Sun in reverse position, according to Soul’s Touches. Other than that, Emmas are intelligent, lucky with huge personalities. However, the planet Pluto stops them or slows them down right before attaining their goals. Jupiter gives them luck, as well as the Sun. A career for Emma is a possibility, but there are problems in the family.

It’s interesting that Emma can help other people, but refuses to help herself. She is a fatalist by nature, meaning she believes in destiny and fate. The astrologist recommends the name in Aquarius (Jan. 20- Feb. 18).

However, I was born in May( Taurus), and even though most characteristics apply to me, one definitely doesn’t. And that is that I am lucky. I never won a dime in my life, except for $4 on a $1 ticket at a general store.

There’s an old saying in Czech, if you have luck in love, you won’t have it at game. (Lotto, gambling)

My mom gave me the name based on romantic connotations, when she a read a novel about a man deeply in love with a woman named Emma. He wrote her a letter, “Dear Emma.” In Czech, it sounds better, “Mila Emmo.”

Early on some people called me Ommo, which was a laundry detergent. I’ve always liked my name, because it is so short. The name originates in France.

I love the name so much that I named my daughter Emma, who was coincidentally born on her name day. My friend Eva named her daughter Emma in honor of me. The name has had  a recent upsurge and trends in popularity.

On March 19th, I wrote about the name day Josephine, but not about the characteristics of the name, because I didn’t  know them yet.

The characteristics that come with the name Jos are: talented, but shy, humble with karmic burden. Sensitive, more comfortable with animals than people, especially early in life and in puberty. Josephine needs to know that she is loved. Later, in life, the characteristics will also depend on her last name, main coordinate and date of birth. She is influenced by the Sun, Mars, Mercury and Saturn. The astrologist recommends the name in warm and stable zodiac signs, where Josephine feels the best.

My sister-in-law Jarmila, who inspired my first novel “Fire on Water” © copyright Emma Palova, carries the full burden that comes with the name. She tries hard and is eager to learn. Jarmila has a potential to go far with her career, but emotional problems prevail. She refuses to adapt, thus the inner inadaptability creates chaos in her life. The name is influenced by the Sun, the Moon, reversed Sun with Pluto.

Pluto is a tiny and treacherous planet.

“I wouldn’t name my daughter Jarmila, because of its primordial vibrations that affect the entire life,” wrote the astrologist in Soul’s Touches. “I don’t recommend it at all.”

In spite of the bad vibrations, Jarmila said she would not change her name.

“I like it,” she said.

Jarmila celebrates her name day on Feb. 4.

To be continued……….

Sources: “Soul’s Touches” and “Greenwich Meridian.”

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