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Social media blitz

Get connected, be social

By Emma Palova

Lowell, MI- I decided to contribute to the Blogging 201 discussion Day 6 on social media. I am sharing my experience with the much coveted social media.

There are three or more social media distinctions on the WordPress platform.

Number one: sharing buttons or white boxes either in your settings, you drag which services you want. Or on your dashboard in the Publish section on the right, you see Publicize and you click on edit. Add the ones you want. Then of course you want the public to use the sharing buttons as well.

Number two: The much coveted facebook like widget that can go into almost any sidebar. However, the facebook like widget works only with facebook pages, not with personal fb.

So, you first create a facebook page, if you don’t have one. Then copy its URL into the facebook page like widget. Make sure you save. It takes a few minutes. Then, your post on facebook will show in the fb widget on your blog, along with heads of the people who like your page.

The same goes for Instagram except that your photos will show.

Number three: Social media icons. Best placement on top in the upper right hand corner or in the footer. You can find them on the Internet, copy their code and paste into your text widget or you can also find them in the support section of WordPress titled Social Tools. Again copy and paste into the widget text box, and save.

Don’t forget to connect them to your social profiles like Twitter, facebook, LinkedIn and/or Google +.

That means replace the text in the brackets with your let’s say Twitter URL.

However, all this is pointless unless you’re working both your blog and your facebook page. That means regular posts with photographs, logos, polls, events and such.

Happy connecting.

Feel free to e-mail me with questions.


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Three goals

Blogging 201. Assignment #1. Setting goals.

By Emma Palova

EW Emma’s Writings

Now that I have already accomplished the first goal of  having a company site for Emma Blogs LLC, I can actually spell them out.

At the beginning of 2015 I wrote my goals on a white story board under the title, “Goals 2015.”

First I listed my fiction goals to complete the memoir “Greenwich Meridian” in 2015 for 2016 publication. Second, I posted on the white story board: Write short story for Writer’s Digest contest in May.

Then followed: market fiction, publish fiction and sell screenplay.

Well, one month into the new year I have barely touched any of these, except for some marketing and putting together the short story in my head, before I set out to write it. So, what have I been doing I ask myself?

“Blogging, my friends,” I answer.

So, I flip the page of the white story board to Blogging Goals and go deeper yet into my writing/blogging diary because the goals on the board are more long-term.

And there it is, pure and clean in the diary:


A dam in Czech Republic to me resembles a surge of ideas.
A dam in Czech Republic to me resembles a surge of ideas.

1) Have a company blog/website for Emma Blogs LLC. Well, I can mark this one off. Once I read Michelle’s post on goal setting I just started working on the site. Got it done in three hours, drifting back and forth between themes Radcliffe and Twenty Fifteen. It tells the company story and introduces the staff.

2)Get an E-Newsletter out for February along with creating a mailing list. I started mind work for this in the wee morning hours when I cannot sleep.

3) Hook up with affiliates. I already started with Learn to blog and I need to post their logos. I also want to hook up with PR Web and Wild Technologies.

Goal setting does work. I am a living proof of it. I falter when I don’t set goals.

Thanks Michelle for pushing me forward.

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