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2022 in the rearview mirror, 2023 ahead

Looking back and forward

I believe that our past sets us up for our future. However, we can only master the present.


The year started strong with a full For the Love of Books Podcast author guest list focused on diversity. This year in January I will be focusing on marketing, lifestyle changes, and author events.

I also worked on the revisions of Shifting Sands: The Lost Town. This year I will be finishing the sequel The Quest for the Lost Town.

What is lost can be found.


We were in full production mode at @Moravian Sons Distillery stilling plums and apples. Check it out.

Czech garnets

The podcast was all about romance. This year the podcast will be all about the romance because love or the quest for it never dies.

We flew to Venice, Fl for winter break, and met up with our French family. This year I am still undecided. I will be participating in Pages Promotions Winter Festival 2023 organized by the one and only Diana Kathryn Wolfe-Plopa.

My first physical author’s event will be the Lansing Women’s Expo on Feb. 10, 11 & 12.

We kept stilling at Moravian Sons Distillery.


My podcast theme was and will continue to be spring. Michigan has long winters, and the anticipation of spring is important. I always start my seeds in the sunroom.

In March, I added to my author guests the amazing UP authors thanks to author Mikel Classen and publisher Victor Volkman.

We celebrated our son’s birthday on March 1. This will continue. March also marks Lent. Each year during Lent I do tons of Lenten readings. The catholic religion has always inspired me with its mysteries and dogmas.

I will be participating in the Grand Rapids Women’s Expo from March 17 through March 19 at DeVos Hall.

Easter in Czech Republic, Vizovice, Moravia

Our fifth grandchild Henrik was baptized on Easter Sunday April 17 at St. Rose’s church in Hastings.

I started writing for The Lowell Ledger. I’ve been writing for our hometown newspaper on and off for the last 27 years. The paper is one of the sponsors of the podcast show featuring Indie and small press authors.

My comeback story was Torched in Lowell (LOL). I have just modified the headline; it was actually Torched Glass Art Studio opens in Lowell. My second one was Ripple, and what a ripple it has been. Maybe the headline should have read Rippled in Lowell (LOL).

The definition of ripple is the continuing and spreading results of an event or action. After less than a year in business, the restaurant is closing its door this Friday due to unfortunate circumstances, to say the least. No kidding, another Mexican restaurant opened next door in the old Backwater Cafe building. I have yet to do a story on this bizarre sequence of events.

My birthday at Cedar Springs Brewery with our fifth grand child, Henrik

It is my second favorite month after June. My birthday marks this month since I was born on the Czech national holiday to the shooting of fireworks. The new regime changed the holiday to May 8. Go figure. We always manage to celebrate somehow, only the Covid years shut down my birthday celebrations.


People for Palmer Park in Detroit.

Palmer Park Art Fair 2022

June starts my summer cycle of authors’ events. I was at the Art in the Park in Palmer Park Detroit on June 4 & 5. This year we’re planning on attending the Czech and Slovak Festival in July instead to present our traditional fruit brandies.

Muskegon Lakeshore Art Festival wasn’t as productive as in previous years due to high gas prices and inflation kicked in. Hopefully, this will taper off by the time LAF comes on June 24 & 25.

To be continued………..

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Lowell Social District opens this Friday

Press release from the City of Lowell.

This Friday is it!

Lowell, MI – The Showboat City Social District opens Friday, Feb. 19th at 4:00 p.m. Bars and restaurants within the Social District have a special permit with their liquor license to sell alcohol in Social District cups. You can take that drink and walk outside within the District area to drink it. There will be fire pits in select areas where you can warm up and chat with friends.

The Showboat City Social District runs along Main Street from Washington Street to just west of New Union Brewery. It also includes Riverwalk Plaza, Veteran’s Park and the parking lot by it, Monroe Street from Main Street north to the alley behind the businesses on Main, and Riverside Drive and N. Broadway Drive to the alley behind the businesses on Main. Monroe Street will be closed to vehicle traffic during District hours. Social District hours are Monday-Friday 4:00-10:00 p.m., Saturday noon-10:00 p.m., Sunday noon-8:00 p.m.

You may not bring your own beverages to drink in the District, nor may you refill your District cup from alcohol purchased from other sources. Only alcohol purchased from a participating establishment in a District cup is allowed.

Participating businesses with permits include Big Boiler Brewery, Flat River Grill, Larkin’s Saloon, Main Street BBQ, New Union Brewery and Sneakers. Look for the Social District signage at each location. Worried about the trash? Cups will be recyclable and recycle bins will be placed throughout the Social District to give you an easy opportunity to keep it clean.

Lowell Police Department will add additional coverage in the District during open hours, as well. Let’s enjoy this opportunity and be respectful of each other and our City. Maintain distance, drink responsibly, have a designated driver and keep our City clean. Cheers!

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