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WordPress anniversary

Two  years with WordPress

Two year anniversary with WordPress
Two years with WordPress

By Emma Palova

EW Emma’s Writings

Lowell, MI- Two years ago, on this day, I published my first post on WordPress. It was my author’s bio that I had later moved into About section. I introduced myself in a story with an author’s photo.

One hundred and ninety-six posts later, I am grateful that I had chosen the WordPress platform. It was a pure coincidence. I wanted to like and comment on the Hawkins Chamber of Commerce in Texas, and I was directed to the press site.

I wanted a blog anyways after Writer’s Digest suggested that every writer should have a blog or a website. At the time I started writing memoir “Greenwich Meridian” and I needed the exposure.

McGregor, Iowa
Rediscovering treasures on the Mississippi River

And I fell in love with WordPress for its finesse, sophistication, the variety of themes and the community in general. I found Rumanian colleagues Valeriu dg Barbu and Cristian Mihai, French photographer redstuffdan and many others, whose work I admire. They inspire me in my writings.

I started learning the ropes. Coming fresh from the print media, it was very different. I must say that I like new things, and this was right up my alley.

The constant challenge of change, new themes, new ways of posting, the speed and the prompts delight me.

I feel like I am being pulled deeper and deeper in. Like today’s prompt in The Daily Post “Connect the Dots,” Open your nearest book to page 82. Take the third full sentence on the page, and work it into a post somehow.

100 posts
100 Posts on WordPress

While sitting in a folding rocking chair in front of the wood stove, I reached into the library and grabbed “The People’s Chronology” and the third sentence on page 82 is entertaining in itself. For once I got lucky.

It reads: “Canon of Medicine by the Arab physician Avicenna (Abu Sina) follows the thinking of Aristotle and Galen but is so well written and organized that it will be a major influence on medical thinking for centuries.”

I couldn’t ask for a better prompt.

EW Emma's Writings
EW blog on Gatehouse Media 10 million reader market

Ironically in my Internet discussions, I asked, “Where will the Internet take us?”

Today I realize the real question is, “Where will we take the Internet?”

I took it to the next level. In July, I started my writing and blog design company on WordPress, Emma Blogs LLC. It is a portfolio of 10 blogs that covers a range of topics from health, outdoors, homes to brides and farming suited for advertising, whether affiliate or traditional.

I also write and manage a bilingual blog CJ Aunt Jarmilka’s Desserts in Czech Republic on http://jkarmaskova.wordpress.com

I have great writers like Sarah Harmon who bring their unique style to the blogs, and salesperson Ed Donahue.

Sarah Harmon
EW writer Sarah Harmon in Paris

EW Emma’s Writings also feeds into the Gatehouse Media, a 10 million reader market including the Ionia Sentinel-Standard.

What I like the most about writing on WordPress is that it does have an impact on people and it gets the message out.

Friend Tina Sicialiano Cadwallader asked me when is the book coming out at a Christmas party at the Fallasburg Historical Society.

“We’re going to take a selfie with the book at the Lowell museum,” she laughed.

Last Saturday, I ran into Betsy Davidson, owner of Addorio Technologies, LLC.

“Have you been travelling?” she asked. “I am really enjoying your stories because I don’t get to go to places like that.”

Vizovice, Czech Republic
Vizovice, where old meets new.

Longtime friend Ruth Hall said, “I absolutely love reading your posts.”

Comments and advice on the posts are also very gratifying and informational. Following is a comment by Herbal Weight Loss Remedies & Tips at http://url.darkillusion.us/weightloss748972

“Great articles you post on your blog, I have shared this article on my twitter.”

I find the happiness engineering support team very helpful at times when I pull her from my head.

And as I ask in my story interviews, “What don’t you like about so and so?”

Off the top of my head, I really can’t think of a single thing that would stand out that I don’t like about WordPress. I might think of something later as I toss in the bed in the wee morning hours with my chronic insomnia.

Thank you WordPress for two great years.


Fallasburg Historical Society


Addorio Technologies, LLC


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Looking back at year 2014 II

Looking back at 2014 II

Editor’s note: This article  continues from yesterday’s “Looking back at 2014.”

By Emma Palova

EW Emma’s Writings

Lowell, MI-My dad  Vaclav turned 80 on July 23rd. We went to Don Quixote restaurant in Valparaiso, Indiana. My dad is friends with the Spanish owner Carlos and he likes to practice Spanish with him. It’s a nice haul from Lowell, Michigan and we even met some Czechs at a rest area. Carlos’ paella is out of this world.

In July, I established my business Emma Blogs LLC, a rolling portfolio of versatile blogs suited to anything you wish. I introduced my employees Sarah Harmon, Ed Donahue and Udoy Karmakar among other contributors.

Emma Blogs LLC
Sales Jakub Pala, writers Sarah Harmon and Emma Palova on EW team.

But, I also had my “Eyes with Dr.Verdier,” cataract surgeries after I went almost blind and I couldn’t write or drive. I don’t need glasses anymore. Read about the series on http://ehealthwellness.wordpress.com

Verdier Eye Center
Dr. David Verdier, a recognized eye surgeon

I’ve never been longer without make-up than during the six weeks long process. I even put make-up on when we were picking hops in Western Bohemia fields.

August meant preparations for the Pala Ruegsegger wedding at Saint Patrick Church in Parnell. We were running to the finish line with the wedding scheduled for October 25th.

We got the house ready for 15 people and arranged for a wedding bus to house them in our front yard. Some of them stayed at Jake’s new house in Hastings.

The first week in September I went for a walk with a bad premonition. Someone will die. It was a beautiful day. Sunny skies, not too hot or cold. One of few days we had like that. I kept walking farther and farther, not wanting to return home. I just kept walking on the old railroad tracks.

Farewell Haryk
My dog Haryk

“Who’s going to die?” I asked myself.

My dog Haryk was waiting for me laying under a lilac bush by the driveway. After my husband Ludek’s birthday, we had to put him to sleep.

The big October. The international party arrived one week before the wedding. They came from Czech Republic and France. But, before the wedding, we had another baptism. It was time for Samuel Chavent to get baptized. The godfather is Jake Pala.

And  we threw a huge welcome party. Ella and I made a welcome sign in three languages. Having that little mean streak after her mother, she asked:

“Why don’t we make a goodbye sign?”

The wedding was big and I am glad nobody fell into the Wabasis Lake below the reception lodge. You can read about it on http://ebridesandfashion.wordpress.com

Wedding reception at Wabasis Lake lodge
Mr. Jakub Pala and Mrs. Maranda Palova enter the Wabasis Lodge

Baby Josephine celebrated her one year birthday at the new house in Hastings on Nov. 21, 2014. Thanksgiving was at my parents’ house in Big Rapids accompanied by a classical Czech holiday fight between my mother and my brother.

And finally December. We observed our 25th anniversary of arrival to the USA on Dec. 22, 1989. Read the story on http://emmapalova.com

Christmas was peaceful and quiet, so was the New Year 2015.

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New eyes with Dr. Verdier III

The surgery

Note: This is the third part in the mini-series about Emma Palova’s journey from near blindness to new eyes with 20/20 vision. It is a story about cataracts that cause blurred vision.

The second part “The evaluation of cataracts” was published on Sept. 13.

The first part “Eyes set on Dr. Verdier” was published on EW Emma’s Writings http://emmapalova.com on Sept. 6.

 The Verdier Eye Center performs 100 cataract surgeries a week between the five doctors and the two floor levels.

Dr. David Verdier, a recognized eye surgeon
Dr. David Verdier, a recognized eye surgeon

The surgical rooms of East Paris Surgical Center, LLC are located  in the basement of the building at 1000 E. Paris in Grand Rapids, Michigan. There were a lot of people in the waiting room. Some with eye shields awaiting the second eye surgery.

I noticed a painting on the wall of a beautiful dog on a beach. I’ve never had a surgery before, so I didn’t know what to expect.

But, I did have my patient’s handbook.

There was a trio of women loudly chatting.

“How come you put on your make-up when you’re having an eye surgery,” asked a brunette her friend. The handbook specifically instructed not to wear any make-up. Now that was something new for me too; not wearing make-up. The last time I didn’t have make-on in public was probably in sixth grade.

After eye surgery
After eye surgery

“It’s a frivolous surgery,” the woman laughed.

Any surgery is a surgery. My second biggest asset, eyes, were at stake. I was scared.

The stalls in the surgical room were again full of people, either getting prepped for the surgery or recovering.

I got a lot of eye drops that dilated and numbed the right eye. In the meantime, the anesthesia was kicking in. But, I could still hear the anesthesiologist.

“You’re the youngest person here,” he said referring to the cataract that strikes younger people.

“Yes, everything is relative,” I said.

“Well if you live long enough, everyone will eventually get one,” said the anesthesiologist donning a nice plastic cap.

They hauled me away to Dr. David Verdier’s caring hands. The actual surgery took only 15 minutes, but the prep time and recovery totaled three hours.

An incision is made into the eye and the old lens is removed and replaced with a new plastic one. I have an AcrySofIQ lens implant that also corrected my vision, so I don’t have to wear eyeglasses.

I was not completely out during the surgery. I could feel the work on the eye and see yellow circles. After the surgery I got a nutri-bar and cranberry juice. It never tasted better. The patients are required not to eat or drink anything as of midnight before the surgery.

I could immediately see clear on the right eye even through the grid of the eye shield. That was an incredible feeling after two years of blurred vision. At its worst point in mid July, I only went by memory or by touch.

“I am very pleased with how the surgery has turned out,” said Dr. Verdier right after the surgery.

I was ecstatic and went for a check-up the next day, still not being able to drive because of the previous anesthesia.

“You have a 20/20 vision now,” said Dr. Verdier. “It does matter who performs the surgery.”

“I am very grateful to you, doctor,” I said. “You made me a new woman.”

Then, Dr. Verdier explained what he was going to do with the left eye two weeks later.

“I will adjust the left eye so you can read, but you won’t able to see as clear into the distance,” he said. “The two eyes would fight.”

You could see the respect everyone at the center had for Dr. Verdier.

The left eye would be next in two weeks.

To be continued with the “Grand Finale.”

About the featured photo. This is how clearly I see now. The photo is of Fallasburg Covered Bridge by Bruce Doll.

For more information go to: http://eastparis-surgicalcenter.com or


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