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May Day 2023

I love May as it marks the beginning of summer according to ancient European traditions. My fondest memories date back to my school days at both the high school and Gymnasium Gottwaldow, now Zlin in the Czech Republic.

May Day in Czech Republic.

International Workers’ Day

We always had the day off, not for ourselves, but for the communist society. The May Day parades were mandatory for both the students and the staff. The working class also had to participate in the parades. We all received patriotic pompoms to cheer the day and the officials seated on the bleachers. If a person didn’t show up for the parade, you got written up.

Opening of the beer gardens

May Day pole tied with ribbons signifies love and spring.

May Day also marked the official opening of the beer gardens. So right after the parade aka the March of Thieves, we frequented the fine establishments such as the beer garden by the Chateau. The parades ceased when the regime collapsed on Nov. 27, 1989, but the custom of opening the gardens prevailed.

May podcast guests

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May 2023 Podcast Schedule


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May Schedule 2023

Chloe Holiday, TBA May 5

Doug Kelly, Influencing, May 12

Hilton, Moore, North of Nelson, May 19

Victor Volkman, U.P. Reader 7th Volume

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