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Rendezvous in Prairie II

Rendezvous in Prairie II

By Emma Palova

Lowell, MI- I still have souvenirs from those 19 months of life from 2007 to 2009 when I lived alone in our house, while husband Ludek was working in Prairie.

These include trapper’s fur sacs, collector metal signs and the transporter bag for food and snacks.

But, what I find precious about the time on the Mississippi is that we made good friends. Brian and Sheryl Groen took us for a ride on the river that I will never forget.

Rendezvous treasures
Rendezvous treasures

We discovered a sunken ship that we called the Mississippi Titanic, and went under a bridge that was fixed with clamps.

Even though Prairie is isolated, the area around the river is hauntingly beautiful especially at night. It’s a wildlife paradise with eagles nesting and turtles in the river.

Ludek changed his lodgings quite a bit as he moved across the river to McGregor in Iowa.

I like McGregor a lot as it reminds me of European spa towns. There were some great finds in McGregor as well. I discovered a store with costumes owned by a gentleman who makes costumes for Hollywood.

He also built a Bed & Bath complete with a salon downstairs.

The Rendezvous, one of its kind in North America, takes place on the Feriole Island in Prairie on Father’s Day weekend.

I find it very authentic with trappers in teepees and real Indian food. There are plenty of treasures to purchase.

“It was a consolation for what happened to us,” I always say.

To be continued


Copyright © 2014 story and photos by Emma Palova