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Day 42: COVID-19 May the Fourth be with you

Celebrating Star Wars, hope for reopening

By Emma Palova

Lowell, MI – So today is Star Wars Day which celebrates George Lucas’s Star Wars media franchise. The date, according to Wikipedia, was chosen for the pun on the catchphrase “May the Force be with you.”

As we move into the eighth week of the quarantine in Michigan, we are hoping that all the positive forces will be with us to stop the spread of the virus and to re-engage the economy. The case numbers over the weekend seemed to either flatten or decline. On Sunday, the lowest increase of COVID-19 deaths was reported at 29 since March 29.

The total number of cases in Michigan is 42,356 with 3,866 deaths and 15,659 Michiganders have recovered. And the gas prices are rising to an average of $1.53 per gallon.

But the golfers at the Arrowhead Meadows are encouraging and so are the fishermen on Murray Lake.

May is a busy month as I continue to wrap up the “Greenwich Meridian Memoir.” Based on a consultation with mom Ella, I will be adding photos to the memoir. It is actually a joyful task to finally be able to go through the album with some perspective without the pressure of writing.

I like the pictures from Africa: the University of Khartoum and the apartments, where we lived. I actually remember them, the exotic markets and the River Nile.

I made friends while living in Khartoum, but I haven’t been able to locate them. So I don’t know if that counts, but it feels good.

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Star Wars bathrobes tag a message

As a rule coming from journalistic background, I usually don’t write about my feelings, even though that’s what most blogs are about. But, this time I have to break that rule.

Two days ago I found a big box with Amazon fulfillment services sticker on it. I didn’t open it for a day. I do have Shop Emma’s Amazon on my blog in an effort to monetize the site along with Google translator and Adwords.

When I finally opened the big box, I found two Jedi inspired bathrobes brown, furry with white checkered sash made in China. The mysterious robes with a Star Wars tag and a big brown pocket on the right side continue to puzzle me. The box came without any invoice. Maybe it’s an early Christmas present or is there a message?

In the fast changing world of Internet where words and tags mean everything, it makes me wonder. I have  been dealing lately with a lot of conflict between sisters. And that is not only between natural birth sisters, but other people’s sisters. Now, I understand why the great Russian playwright Anton Chekhov wrote Three Sisters.

“You have to let it channel, otherwise it’s not going to be any good,” he gave advise on writing.

Star Wars
Star Wars Jedi inspired bathrobes

I don’t have a sister, and I am glad. I used to wish I had one, that maybe we could be friends. I have witnessed hatred between sisters that goes all the way to the grave, the crib or the altar.

I write about hatred between sisters in my memoir Greenwich Meridian where East meets West. One of the sisters is my Godmother and aunt. When I visited Czech Republic in 2006, I wasn’t allowed to say hi to her. She in turn didn’t pick up the phone.

A few minutes ago, I found out somebody else’s sister ordered the bathrobes as a birthday present.

That’s one heck of a birthday present.