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1001 Days of Blogging

Annie plans to blog for 1001 days

By Emma Palova

EW Emma’s Writings

Lowell, MI- It is Day 395 of the 30 Day Content Challenge that officially ended last year in December.

But, Annie Conboy of Hebden Bridge, United Kingdom is still burning the midnight oil as she cranks out post #395, “Dreaming of a Peaceful World.”

Conboy is a medium and the founder of “Down 2 Earth Medium.” Her major focus is to channel for energy beings, such as angels, archangels and fairies.

Annie Conboy
Annie Conboy to blog for 1001 days.

She reached her one year anniversary of daily blogging on Nov. 15 with post #365, “First Year Done and Dusted.”

“I need to clear my head, so I can sleep,” she said in a recent Skype interview about her writing schedule.

 “It’s felt a bit strange today. I’ve done something I’m really proud of. My writing has been happening for a full year. I have written every day than just the monthly articles I started in June 2015.”

                             Annie Conboy

Before starting the challenge in November of 2015, rookie writer and blogger Conboy wrote a few pieces for Valley Life.

“Then out of cyberspace I got an invite from my lovely friend Jan to join her in a 30 day blogging challenge. And I said yes. Now I’m a year on and amazed that I had all those words inside me. I have to say I don’t feel like I’m done yet either,” Conboy wrote in the anniversary post, “First Year Done and Dusted.”

Conboy has realized the challenge came at the right time for her.

“I was invited, it felt good, I was supporting a friend,” Conboy said. “I knew there would be discipline because it was every day, and I wrote every single day.”

And when she couldn’t physically write on the computer, Conboy wrote a post on a piece of paper.

“It helped me make a commitment to me,” she said.

Like for many writers, the first challenge was to find the right time to write. Conboy chose to write as the last thing at night.

“The clicks came quickly,” she said, “as I continued through the month I was sleeping better because I was clearing up the clutter in my head. I was clearing the day of everything that had happened.”

During the last week of the challenge, Conboy felt she had acquired a distinct voice in writing that was very specific.

“If I was to continue to write, I needed a commitment, a goal,” she said. “I decided I was going to blog for 1001 days.”

“Why in the world,” I asked, “Would anyone want to take part in the challenge beyond the designated 30 days?”

I participated in the original 30 Day Content challenge along with some 600 other bloggers from around the world, including Australia. Sometimes, Bradley Will, the founder of LearntoBlog, posted the daily guidelines and the themes 24 hours early “for the Ozzies.”

But, I didn’t know what I was getting myself into. I wrote posts in the morning, just like my regular writing. Every morning a new theme for the day awaited in the inbox. That part was exciting.

And the time was of the essence for the challenge due to the intensity and the synergy of the group. I felt like back at the university cramming for the final exams. Also the timing was unbeatable, since the challenge ran in a framework when all the catastrophes in this world seemed to happen, and during the Thanksgiving holiday in the USA.

To be continued………………..

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Blogging Challenge Day #15

On the art of interviewing

By Emma Palova

Note to my regular readers to avoid confusion. I am participating in a 30 Content Challenge by Learn to Blog. The posts show my views on this world including my own, as well as my varied experience, so they do dovetail well with the overall purpose of the blog EW Emma’s Writings.

I must say that I find the 30 Day Content event challenging to come up with a post a day. I draw inspiration from everything around me including events that are happening in the world.

Day #3 post titled “Thoughts on Fear in the Wake of Paris Attacks” is so far my favorite to answer Bradley Will’s question. I have yet to go through other people’s posts. It’s a lot of posts. The event has great participation. It trains regularity, consistency and the mind.


This morning I pondered the questions to ask of a prospective employer at an interview tomorrow, as well as my answers to their questions. I applied for a public relations/marketing position.

I did research on the company on Glassdoor reviews. I found the website  very helpful. That’s why I am sharing this. The link to it is www.glassdoor.com/job/

Then go to reviews and interviews.

Spiral staircase at the Dali in St. Petersburg, FL
Spiral staircase at the Dali in St. Petersburg, FL

You will find out things that you would never find out from carefully written company websites. Once a candidate posts a review, the company cannot take it down. Both the reviews and the interviews were honest, written from the heart as the candidates meant it. And they came from all over the world.

They called the interviews easy and the team outgoing, more like friends than bosses. For now, I’ll bypass the reviews until I write my tomorrow Blogging Day #16. I have interviewed hundreds of people for stories from all walks of life, so I am comfortable asking strangers sometimes difficult questions.

I came up with the following questions to ask:

1-What is branding awareness through interactive marketing?

2- What kind of campaigns do you conduct?

3-How do you find clients?

4-What kind of experiential marketing techniques do you use?

5-Can you explain the collaboration technique?

6-Why do you have an orange logo? That question comes from the fact that I own an orange Dart.

Why an orange Dart? Because I like different things. Maybe they are the same way.

Now, my answers to their questions:

Which of the three do you have: work ethic, student attitude, positive attitude?

After reading the reviews it became clear to me that the correct answer is work ethic.

Why do I want to work for them, if they ask? I spent a lot time pondering this one. My son Jake suggested this question based on his own three-part interview experience.

Well, our goals match. What goals? To match the consumer to the brand and to use collaboration in marketing. I like that. I’ve always been for collaboration and innovation.

Why am I the best person for the job?

Because I am unique. We each are unique and have different skills and capabilities. I have experience and I always love what I choose to do from retail, writing to blogging.

Will I continue my blogging business Emma Blogs, LLC?

Of course I will. I love everything about it: creativity, design, writing, feedback, newsletter design, the challenges and helping others to learn to blog.

So, follow us on campaign Fallasburg Today on http://fallasburgtoday.org and EW Emma’s Writings on http://emmapalova.com


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