30 Day Content Challenge #20

Happy holiday season to all from the Lowell Showboat with Santa and his elves. May you have a peaceful holiday with your family.


30 Day Blogging Challenge #14

For the love of the Fallasburg  Park.

By Emma Palova

Fallasburg, MI- I love everything about the Fallasburg Park and the village: the Covered Bridge, the Flat River, the house museums. It truly takes you back in time, away from the fear of technology, from the fear of the unknown and much more.

I live approximately three miles away from the park and I do social media marketing for the Fallasburg Historical Society. The park and the village serve as a major venue for many regional events such as the Fallasburg Festival for the Arts in the fall, the Fallasburg Bazaar and the upcoming Christmas in Fallasburg traditional party on Dec. 12 at 6 p.m. Please join us to celebrate the season.

Memories of Fallasburg Park from Connie Elsasser.



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30 Day Blogging Challenge #13

Old town Prague with clock tower from Czech Republic. Photo credit Facebook public group I love Czech Republic.


30 Day Blogging Challenge #4

A note for my regular readers to avoid confusion: I am participating in a 30 Day Content Writing Challenge by Learn to Blog. All posts are relevant to how I feel and write about today’s world including my own.

Not afraid on day #4 of the content challenge

By Emma Palova

Lowell, MI- I wish I could say that I am scared, but I am not. It would be a lie to conform with the rest of the world. No, I didn’t go to Cabela’s to buy an AK47 known as Kalashnikov or a Beretta, and I don’t shoot deer either even  though it’s the firearm hunting season in Michigan.

However, I did tell my daughter Emma Palova-Chavent, MD who lives with her family in France and loves to travel to lay low.

“Don’t go anywhere,” I said.

“Should I buy a gun,” she asked.


Violence breads more violence.

Help, collaboration and diplomacy are the way to go in this chaotic world that honors and respects nothing. Local Michigan college Grand Valley State University wants to allow guns on the campus to show the terrorists they’re not afraid.

Well, who really is scared? The Republicans who passed a bill not to allow Syrian refugees into the most compassionate country in the world or the kids on the campus who want guns?


Not afraid.
Not afraid.









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Local authors


This is my new cover photo for my author’s page on facebook. It was taken at one of my favorite hangouts Ella’s Coffee & Cuisine in downtown Lowell at 307 E. Main. As an author, I deeply believe in artistic synergy. The owners have been supporters of local artists and authors from the very beginning.

Ella’s to me is reminiscent of Paris hangouts of authors like Hemingway and his circles. I feed my artistic energy from other artists’ work as well.

I invite all to like my on my author’s page. It is here where I post snippets of my upcoming work and happenings.

Welcome to all.


Celebrate Independence on July 4th

Celebrate Independence on July 4th

America celebrates its biggest holiday, Independence Day on July 4th with fireworks, parades, concerts, grilling and chilling.

Pictured is the Lowell Showboat decked out in patriotic colors. The Showboat annually serves as a venue for the Sizzlin’ Summer Concert Series. I always run around with the camera, but I manage to enjoy the concerts from the deck of the boat. Summers in my hometown Lowell are busy with events ranging from Riverwalk Festival which runs this year from July 11 through July 13.

Lowell celebrates summer with the Sizzlin' concert series on the Riverwalk stage.
Lowell celebrates summer with the Sizzlin’ concert series on the Riverwalk stage.

A definite highlight of Lowell summers is relaxing music on the bank of the Flat River. Bring a chair or a  blanket.

The annual Sizzlin’ Summer concert series is held on the Riverwalk stage every Thursday from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. This year it runs from June 13 to Aug. 22. You can celebrate July 4th with the 126 Army Band under the direction of  Chief Warrant Officer Jon Montgomery this Thursday.

During the Riverwalk, the Delilah DeWylde and the Lost Boys will be playing on the stage.

For full schedule of events go to Lowell Area Chamber of Commerce at

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