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Day 45: COVID-19 quarantine fatigue

May eNewsletters, automakers readying to reopen

By Emma Palova

Lowell, MI – I briefly snapped out of the quarantine lethargy, as the major automakers in Detroit have announced their tentative plans to reopen on May 18. That’s major good news for us, since my husband Ludek works in the plastic injection industry at Novaresc which serves the automakers.

However, as of Wednesday, the number of coronavirus cases in Michigan has risen to 45,054, including 4,250 deaths. The recovery total is 15, 659, and the nurses are prepared for more hard times.

The quarantine fatigue is settling in like this prolonged inevitable irritation. I sat in the car to escape the nagging irritation to the sound of Twisted Sisters’ “We ain’t gonna take it” and a bag of Dark Chocolate Medley by Second Nature and a bottle of Trilogy Kombucha.

Not only did I turn my beloved sunroom into a greenhouse with flats of plants waiting for the Michigan weather to become reasonable, but I am also engaging in more zooming and zoo rooming.

To add to my crankiness, I found out that the Wild Blueberry Festival in Paradise had been cancelled and moved to 2021. Another unknown is whether our French granddaughter Ella will be able to come and spend the summer with us.

That’s why I posted Ella’s birdhouses as the featured photo for this day. She made them at the St.Pat’s summer care program in Parnell. I hung them on my ficus in the sunroom turned greenhouse.

The good news is that I am done with the newsletters for May. It took me longer than usual, because I knew I had the time to do it and I didn’t want to reopen the new book “Greenwich Meridian Memoir” to add pictures to it, not just yet.

Below is the link to the May newsletter fresh off the presses.


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Emma Blogs newsletter

August newsletter is here

I improved it with writing and blogging tips, a photo gallery Moments in time, Summer 2015. I added a 25 percent coupon off on summer blog design, a schedule of upcoming events and partner badges. Look for it in your in boxes and if you haven’t yet subscribe to it on the main site EW Emma’s Writings at http://emmapalova.com

The design on mailchimp is simple with themes available. However, I do find some of the steps cumbersome, but it is a great free service with most features until you get into analytics and automation.

August newsletter with writing and blogging tips.
August newsletter with writing and blogging tips.

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June newsletter

Hello to all,

Emma Blogs June newsletter is out now. Read about what’s coming up. You can sign up right here.

Emma Blogs June newsletter.
Emma Blogs June newsletter.

Pictured on the featured photo is Saint Patrick Festival coming up from June 26 through June 28 with famous chicken dinners on Sunday June 28th from noon until five. The cost is $9 for adults and $4 for children under four. The festival kicks off with a 5K run, a beer tent and Conklin Ceili Band on Friday, June 26th.

It also features a helicopter ball drop, festival auction, Las Vegas tent, a classic car show and a polka band, The Diddle Styx.

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Easter Monday in Czech Republic

Easter Monday traditions in Czech & Slovak villages

By Emma Palova

Stipa, Czech Republic- Emma & Ella Chavent get Easter whipping with custom home-made whips on Monday. For French girl Ella, it is the first time participating in an age-old tradition. She will tie a ribbon to the whips.

According to most, the lashing does not hurt.


On Easter Monday in Czech Republic, boys and men in villages head out to whip girls and women of the house. In turn for the whipping, they get shots of plum brandy, eggs and treats. The tradition resembles the whipping of the Christ. It is a holiday. Most men make their own braided whips from willow branches. The big whips have 12 willow branches, that have to be soaked overnight in hot water before braiding. They also have a braided handle. The girls tie ribbons to the whips.

At the end of the day, the groups walk the sidewalks with colorful whips. The whip with the most ribbons becomes a token of pride. The most popular girls run out of ribbons.

In neighboring country Slovakia, the men pour water on the women and girls, sort of like the “bucket challenge” here., as well as the whipping.

The cold water signifies health, beauty and purification.

Here is an excerpt from a Globe & Mail article by Slovak-Canadian writer Miriam Matejova:

“My Slovak Easter traditions mixed paganism with blatant gender inequality,” she wrote. “As a naturalized Canadian, I have treasured my ability to choose the traditions I find appealing and disregard those I detest. I have come to understand that it is fine to let go of some pieces of home and adopt a few new ways instead.”

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Monthly newsletter

Hello to all,

I have created a monthly newsletter so all can stay in the loop. It highlights news from my Emma Blogs including the flagship EW Emma’s Writings site on http://emmapalova.com

I will always feature in it: the current editorial calendar and excerpts from the editor’s picks for each month. The editor’s pick for the month of April is the story “IW Hiker babe walks 4,600 miles in memory of daughter.” I will also include valuable blogging tips both in content and in design. Eventually I will add marketing tips as well.
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Blogging is a constantly evolving story. You can send your story with a link to your blog. Why did you start blogging?

Happy Easter and blogging to all from
Emma and the EW team

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