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Writer’s Retreat in Venice, FL

I spent 10 days in Venice, Florida on a personalized writing retreat. My days consisted of journaling in the morning, yoga on the beach, a 2-mile long hike from Venice Beach to Casperson Beach.
I had lunch consisting of couscous, fruits and an avocado on the beach every day. In the afternoon I took a hike through the mini dunes to Sharky’s Pier and watched for dolphins. En route I chatted with a painter professional artist from New Jersey, took photos for other people and watched the


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Glass Flowers

“Tonight on Main” is part of my living collection of short stories “Glass Flowers” (C). The stories are  set mostly in the Midwest. They were inspired sometimes by my friends, my co-workers, complete strangers and my family.

The heroes are usually fragile like my hand blown glass flower that my daughter Emma Palova gave me during our tour of Czech Republic in 2006. The glass flower inspired the name of the short story anthology.Image

On the scene

On the scene

Screenwriter Emma Palova on one of the scenes from “Riddleyville Clowns” (c) set in Midwest.

As I continue to work on the immigration saga “Greenwich Meridian,” (c) I am also extracting elements from the novel into a screenplay.
I came across some interesting files from former Czechoslovakia that definitely inspire my visual side.



I really like the Hawkins Chamber of Commerce site as it helps me in my research for my novel “Greenwich Meridian” about the Konecny family immigration saga. My dad professor Vaclav Konecny taught in Hawkins at Jarvis Christian College in the early 1970s. I have great memories of Hawkins and going to the junior high school there.